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How to save money on skip hire in Birmingham

Organising a skip for your property can be a confusing process, especially if you haven't organised one before. Whether you are having refurbishment works carried out or having a general clear out there are a lot of options in terms of waste removal and to be honest the majority of skip hire companies don't make it any easier! With industry jargon and poor customer service levels the average skip company will expect you to know what size skip you need even though you've never even heard of a cubic yard let alone know how big one is.

Skip Hire Alternatives

What the customer service representative should be asking is what type of waste you are looking to dispose of. This is because there are alternative options to having an eyesore skip sit outside your house for a week or two. The majority of skip companies will offer a caged vehicle service, this is where a caged van turns up to your property and you load your waste into it as opposed to a skip. You will be charged by the amount of space or weight taken up and 9 times of out 10 for lighter bulkier waste streams this service will save you between £50 - £80.

There obviously are logistical differences between the two services, where as the skip will site on your driveway or road for anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks whilst you generate and load your waste, the cage is only on site for a maximum of an hour so you would need to prepare all of your waste beforehand so its ready when the cage turns up. Also if you have any heavy waste streams such as bricks, concrete, soil, rubble, tiles etc we would always recommend a skip.

Skip Hire Options

When hiring a skip you have a couple options, you can either have the skip delivered and kept for between 1 day to 2 weeks or alternatively you can hire a skip on a wait and load basis, again this is where the skip will stay on site for up to 30 minutes only and you would be required to load the skip within that time frame. Both services will tend to cost the same with the majority of skip firms, please see the pros and cons below:

Skip Delivery


- Can be filled in your own time, no rush

- More time to load waste efficiently therefore getting more waste into the skip

- Same cost as a wait and load


- Will require a permit from the council if delivered on road (Additional cost)

- Nasty neighbours might put their waste into you skip :(

- Might cause damage to drive if loaded with heavy waste / overloaded

Skip Wait and load


- No skip left on site, no eyesore

- No chance of neighbours filling your skip!

- No smelly waste left outside your property for weeks


- You only have 30 minutes to load the skip

- You will need to prepare your waste before to ensure everything is loaded

- Not possible if you are generating waste over a period of time

We hope the above gives some clarity to the subject of skip hire and the various options available, if you are still unsure or would like some expert advice please feel free to contact a member of our team to discuss further.

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