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Skip Hire Prices In Birmingham 2020. How much should i pay?

Skip hire prices in Birmingham can vary a great deal for the general consumer, if you are looking to hire an 8yd builders skip the prices will vary from an estimated £240 - £318. Thats a £78 difference in cost just based on what supplier you go with. This is why its very important to do your research when looking for skip hire providers, don't just go with the first price you receive. Please see the list below for average skip prices based on our research of 10 local skip hire companies in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands:

Skip size Average Cost

4yd £200

6yd £220

8yd £260

12yd £320

The costs above are just based on hiring a skip on a two week basis off of the road, if you require a skip to be placed on the road you would need to organise a permit with your local council. The skip hire company would normally organise this for you, the cost of a skip permit with Birmingham Council is £21 per week and takes the council 5 working days to process, see further information here: - Some skip companies will charge an admin fee for this so ensure you ask your skip company if they are adding an admin fee as many do not and offer this free of charge.

However, we would not recommend just going with cheapest price you received either. There are a lot of dodgy operators within the waste industry so please ensure the company you choose are disposing of their waste in accordance with the current environmental guidelines provided by the Environmental agency. This includes:

- The skip operator must hold a valid waste carriers license (all skip companies should provide this on request)

- The skip operator must provide you with a valid waste transfer note on collection of your skip, this will contain the classification of waste collected, the waste carriers license used to carry the wast legally and it should also have the tipping location where the waste was tipped

- With currenåçt recycling operations all waste companies should be aiming to recycling a minimum of 90% of waste collected in a general waste skip, a lot of companies are now offering 100% recycling rates due to Refuse Derived Fuel or RDF.

Skip Hire prices vary throughout the United Kingdom. If you are hiring a skip in areas such as London and Greater London you could be in luck as there are an abundance of skip suppliers which naturally drives the price down due to competition. However, if you are in an area on the coast such as Bournemouth where suppliers are few and far between you may on average pay an additional £40 - £60 additional depending on the size of skip you hire.

We hope this information on skip hire prices in Birmingham and the Untied Kingdom have been beneficial for you, if you require any further advice please feel free to contact one of our representatives on our contact number 0203 468 4445.

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